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Soap Net Bags

Soap bars are proven to be better for our environment and evidence is showing that liquid soaps and body washes may actually do more harm than good, they contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate and many other nasty chemicals that are harmful for our health.

Soap Net bags not only keep your precious soap bars nice and dry, they are also great exfoliators! They give a thick, creamy lather to cleanse and gently exfoliate, ridding the skin of dead skin cells at the same time and they are made from recyclable double net that can be used over and over and over, so no more having to buy plastic Body Wash containers.

Loofahs and Body Mits gather mould and soap scrum and can be unsightly in our bathrooms, Soap Nets easily rinse clean and when hung up after use, dry quickly, so no more ugly loofahs.

They can even save money, all those tiny scraps of soap that are too small to use and get thrown away, can now be saved and used in your Soap Net and last but not least, no more throwing out soap that has gone soft from being left sitting in water. Why not try one for yourself today?


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