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What our wonderful customers have to say!

At Natural Aroma Handmade Soaps we realize that everyones skin, likes and dislikes are unique, thats why we choose to use different recipes for our soaps, so that you, our customers can choose which one is just right for you.

Some of our soap bars have beautiful fluffy lather and in others the lather is rich and creamy. The natural aroma in some of our soaps wrap around you like a warm blanket, in others the fragrance is mild and delicate.

In these testimonials some of our customers have shared their different experiences with our all natural soap bars.

My skin at the best of times resembles a snakes! It is that dry and scaly Im actually embarrassed. Your soap Jan, is the ONLY soap that makes my skin soft and puts moisture back into it. No more snake skin. Your are truly wonderful and I love your soap.
Cloncurry QLD

My puppy hates bathtime (and I mean hates it, I get scratches and bite marks every time). I first lathered up your doggy soap in the water before putting her in and I couldnt believe it when she just stood there! She didnt fight me to get out of the water! I walked away unscathed. And most of all she came out smelling so wonderful and she was so fluffy. Jan, your are totally magnificent!
Cloncurry Qld.

Thank you for your beautiful soaps and presents. What is the scent of the small sample soaps? I absolutely love it and will definitely order it next time. I gift your soaps to many people and they always enjoy them. I love your handmade soaps!

Just simply love all what I have bought from you, I will be forever grateful of your beautiful soaps and smells. Thank You

I love the Cedarwood & Lime, my favourite so far as been Temptress. I have been gifting a few of the soaps and buy several for my elderly parents who have skin problems. My mothers rash around the stomach vanished within a few days of using your soaps. My friend has just about gone through all her soap. She loved it.
Wilton. NSW

My glorious parcel arrived last week and oh my Goodness, I found treasure inside of it!!! I absolutely love your soaps-they look amazing and smell divine; and are healthy too-all in one!!! Cannot wait to start using them!!! Thank you so much for your added goodies-theyve put a big smile on my, and my little angels face-the lip gloss you gave me is hers now :))) Thank you so very much for your generosity and kindness-Im very grateful and am thanking you from the bottom of my heart! Looking forward to your new creations-
Melbourne. Vic.

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful soaps. I bought them as a gift for my niece and she absolutely loves them, she suffers from eczema,dermatitis on her arms and your soaps have been a wonder compared to the harsh chemical soaps we have been using. They smell so good, sometimes I do feel like eating them! thank you so much for your wonderful service and will be coming back for more.
Carseldine. Qld.

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love your soaps. I have been purchasing your soaps for a year now, they always arrive promptly and smell fantastic! I always stock up with every order. I also would like to thank you. I have very sensitive skin which can be problematic and since using your soaps has greatly approved. My skin doesnt react to your soap, it doesnt leave my skin feeling tight, dry and/or itchy and most importantly consists of all natural ingredients. I will not use any other product and it always leave my skin feeling clean, fresh and pampered. I wish I could tell you which one is my favourite.. but I cant. I just love them all! Once again, thank you so much, and look forward to purchasing from you for many years to come.
Kirwan. Qld.

My heavenly smelling soaps arrived safely today and I am so delighted with them that I wanted to jump back into the shower (I had only come out 20 mins earlier). I cannot wait till tomorrow - I have a feeling bathing this Christmas will make my ordinary life a little more special using a soap specifically made for the Season :))
West Pennant Hills. NSW

Lemon & Lime Loofah Bar...What a wonderful soap! After using it all week in the shower, I have found that the soap part is mild, skin-softening and has a luxurious lather. The light scent dreamy and unique - a feminine and romantic citrus.
The loofah in the soap is fabulous. It is the softest natural exfoliation I have tried, so much milder than oatmeal, coffee grinds or poppy seeds. I would recommend this bar to anyone. I love it! Thank you Jan!!!

As on Jenora Soaps Blog

"I love your Soaps. I try and treat myself to a longish bath once a week, a designer beer, candles, incense, music and now I get to feel very, very pampered indeed with your Beautiful Handmade Soaps... at the moment I am using the Mandarin and Vanilla Bar, absolutely delicious, and the top of the Bar gives a very nice and gentle massage on my feet... "Divine".... Cant wait to try the other soaps as well.
Louise from Rocks Revealed
Wollongbar, NSW

"Mum gave Ellie a bath with the So Pure Baby Bar soap last night and she loved it. Mum had to wash her four times as she kept looking up at the soap so it obviously feels good on her little body. And, I cant believe how much softer and smoother her skin is. Its amazing. Plus she smells gorgeous. I think were converted - Ellies Johnson and Johnson days are over:)"
Thursday Island

"We love the Natural Aroma handmade soaps in our household. They smell wonderful, look wonderful, feel wonderful, last a lot longer and are much bigger than other natural handmade soaps weve tried. They lather beautifully and moisturise the skin rather than dry it out¦.I even use them on my face! My girls think its Christmas every time we get a new bar. We would never use anything else again¦ thanks Natural Aroma, for an excellent product and fantastic service!!"
Marian. Qld

“Working in the coal mining industry as a Geologist, I have to shower multiple times a day. This in the past has been an issue as I also have sensitive skin. Regular shop brought soap bars make my skin dry tight and itchy, liquid soap and sorbolene doesnt feel like it cleans properly. I decided to try Natural Aroma handmade soap and have found a friend for life. The soap smells divine, lathers up luxuriously and really cleans without stripping my skin of oils. Natural Aroma bars feel like youre spoiling yourself every time! My Diesel mechanic partner even reminds me when the bars are getting low to get some more. To top, my last order was supposed to be for Christmas presents but I have decided to keep them all for myself because I love them all! Expect another order from me Jan or no one I know will get the Christmas soaps and they are all expecting them!¯
Middlemount, Qld

“My husband is a diesel fitter and his skin always smelt of grease or oil. He uses the “Cedarwood and Spice¯ and his skin no longer has the smell of oil or grease. He makes sure that he never runs out of this soap. He sings it praises to everybody. I use the Romance and Lemon Grass and these are both so beautiful. Your skin feels so luxurious. Once you try any these soaps you will never buy another soap from a supermarket. I havent bought soap from a supermarket since I started using these soaps about 9 months ago. I havent the words to give justice to these soaps. All I can say is try any one of them and see and smell the difference in your skin for yourself.“
Mackay, Qld

"Since first using Natural Aroma soaps in 2007 I will not use anything else. Knowing all the ingredients are natural with no harmful chemicals gives me peace of mind. Plus they are a pleasure to use and leave my skin feeling fresh, clean and pampered! I love them! I highly recommend them to everyone who wants to protect themselves and their families from the toxins in many other products."
Brisbane, Qld.

"Just wanted to say that I absolutely adore your So Pure Baby Bar for my bub!! Its nice and creamy and mild with just the right amount of suds...I use it from top to toe and the lovely light natural fragrance helps calm and soothe him ready for bedtime and leaves him smelling yummy!! I dont mind it on myself either :P Great work!!"
WiddleWuns,Mackay, Qld

"I tried your soap last night and it was great!! I love a soap that lathers properly - this is something that I look for in a soap and yours did so well!. It was so good to have a natural soap that works! Best wishes,"
Hamperific. Mackay, Qld

Taken from the Business Women Unite site forum
"I met up with Jan from Natural Aroma handmade soaps to talk to her about her beautiful soap range and how I could use them in my gift boxes. As always I do quality control with the products I resell and so I tried out her cute Bubble and Squeak soap.
Now I have used all natural soaps before and was quite disappointed with them - they didnt lather up nicely and were just kind of ok. But Jans soap was stunning! I am so happy with the lather, the smell and the fact that it is good for me.
And to top it all off, Jan is a lovely lady who genuinely cares about her products. So if you are in the market to try something a little different as far as soaps go, I cant recommend Natural Aroma enough. It is just a little something that makes me happy!"

Hamperific Mackay. Qld

“Hello Jan,
Both Bill and I LOVE your soaps - Thanks for introducing us to it. With Bill having dry sensitive skin your product certainly has improved his skin. GOODBYE to the commercial soaps we will be staying with your LOVEABLE HOMEMADE SOAPS.¯

Bill and Enza,
Mackay, Qld

“I absolutely love your soaps. The creaminess and clean feeling gained after washing with it is soooo lovely. I am giving them to my family for Christmas, just so they can experience the personal indulgence!¯
Middlemount, Qld

"The soap arrived yesterday and is gorgeous! Thank you so much much :D It made my day! Its so lovely having a guilt free lovely smelling shower, lol! DH said that I smelled like a bag of lollies - the mix of spearmint in the "Touch of Heaven" soap really does smell like that! It leaves my skin feeling lovely and soft too. I often dont use any products for my two daughters (16months and nearly 3years) but its really nice to know that there is something I can use that isnt filled with nasty chemicals. My three year old was going around the house after her bath getting everyone to smell her! Thanks again, and I will definitely refer friends and family to your website. Regards,"
McGraths Hill, NSW

"Fantastic Jan! I have been using the Lavendar and Goats Milk soap at the moment and it is DIVINE!! My face is beautifully clear and I have never had that, but I attribute it to the All Clear Facial bar that I bought from you. I will be getting some more to pass on to a friend who is struggling with her skin at the moment. Thank you for making such lovely soaps - they are very special and so great to use!"
Mackay, QLD

“My friend was kind enough to give me a bar of your soap, Calming Calendula, as she knows that I only believe in natural chemical free therapeutic remedies for my family. Both my sons suffer from eczema, although thankfully it is not severe, I like to keep on top of it. I tried the soap on them and it is beautiful. The boys skin is so soft with your soap - its amazing. The Romance is also lovely. Thanks again, so so so much for your beautiful soap.¯
Melbourne, Vic

"Heather and I really love your soap. the fragrance is 1st Class and it certainly lasts longer than other soaps. We keep smiling with Natural Aroma Soap bars."
Kingaroy, Qld

"Thanks Jan,
I have received the soaps thanks and have already started to use them. I have never used a soap before which lathers beautifully, smells lovely and does not dry out my skin. They will make lovely gifts for sure. I am enjoying the soaps and still cant believe how soft and moisturising they are. Thanks again....I will now go to to your web site to check out more of your soaps. There is no going back to store bought soaps for me. Cheers,"

Brisbane. Qld

"They all smell yummy! Thank you for packaging them so well. I loved the smell of the Island Dream, it reminds me of an Orange & Poppy seed cake :))¯ Thanks again. Cheers,
West Pennant Hills. NSW

"I bathed Maddy Fat Dog with her soap the other day. Absolutely love it, Jan. It is gorgeous¦and lathered up beautifully and for a day she smelt lovely until she found something smelly to roll in and whiffs of dog again. Looks like she will need another bath later this week!"
Mackay, Qld

“I just received your wonderful smelling soaps. Upon opening the parcel this delicious aroma wafted up.¯ Warm Regards,
Gosnells, Western Australian

“Hi Jan, My soaps arrived in the post last night and they are divine... I love them all!¯
Western Australian

"Hi Jan,
Just received my order. Thanks for the prompt service. I knew the parcel was from you as I could smell the lovely aroma when I opened the letterbox. I was tempted to jump back into the shower just to try another one of your beautiful soaps. Kind regards,"

Airlie Beach, Qld

"4 Lil Darlins has just received the most gorgeously yummy soaps from Jan at The smell is divine and I am going to find it so hard to give them away as goodies and prizes at the party this Saturday! Thank you so much Pure and Natural Aroma."
4 Lil Darlins, Townsville, Qld

"Having purchased a heap of your wonderful organic soaps, I just want to say they are well worth it. The fragrances are just out of this world and because they last for ages am still working my way through them but will definitely be purchasing more. One of my favourites Spiced Moccachino mmmm!"
Warm Regards,

Gosnells, Western Australia

"Hello Jan,
I have received the soaps and thank you. I absolutely love the soap and my skin is loving it too. You have definitely made me a happy camper and I will return. I am not going back to store bought unnatural soap again!!
Thank you."

Currambine, Western Australia

"Thank you so much for the soaps. They are absolutely wonderful. I cant believe how fast they got here either! The Natures Garden I found is absolutely ideal for hand soap. It cleans your hands really well, especially if you have been out gardening, soaps up excellently and I can sometimes get away with not using my hand cream for a couple of days. While I used one kind of soap for hand soap I tried a different one in the shower. I chose to use the unscented avocado and goats milk. I was a little worried at first because I can get very dry and itchy after using soap in the shower. Yet again it came through with flying colours. I didnt get that tight feeling and my skin is lovely and smooth. I am just getting ready to put through another order as I cant do without the soap!! I am really glad I have found your soap."
Glen Waverley, Victoria

"Hey Jan, I received the parcel of soaps yesterday. Speedy! They are just divine. Im a little sad Im giving some away as presents now. (haha). The Lavender and Goats Milk one is for me and its so nice and such a beautiful scent. I used the goats milk baby bar on my daughter (even washed her hair!) and her skin is soft and sweet smelling now. None of the dryness or chemical smells either! Its nice to find something natural in the world where there are so many chemicals around. Wonderful products!
Enjoy your Christmas. Cheers,"

Malak, Northern Territory

"I absolutely love this package. I opened the box and a lovely lavender scent flowed through the air, very welcoming. The baby soap leaves my boys skin so soft, this is great as they both suffer from eczema and it works a treat on their skin. I also love how the lavender soap smells, not too strong, and how it lathers up with the puff, leaving my skin nice and soft also"
Melissa Kagie
Dubbo, NSW

Thank you to our valued customers who have taken the time to share
their comments about our All Natural Handmade Soap Bars.

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